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1. How to Leverage Video with Social Media

If you haven't figured out by now, social media is a great way to get prospective leads. Whether you are in the wedding industry, a small insurance business or in real estate, social media can increase your leads. The type of social media platform you use is all based on your industry. If you are in human resources you will find that LinkedIn is your best friend, but if you are in the wedding industry you will find that Instagram or Facebook will be better based on your target audience. Posting videos on your social media pages can engage your clientele by showing what your business offers. This is why you want a video that engages your audience in the first five seconds. 

There are different style of videos and not all videos are created equal, so it's best to select the right style of video for your line of business. I will explain the different kinds of videos later. The point is, using social media can drive more traffic, especially if you link your website in your social media bios. You can even create ads to target new people in your industry if you really want to get a lot more leads in the area you desire. I recommend not spending more than $15-$30 on Facebook or Instagram ads as social media ads can run best for a cheaper amount. This is going to get you the leads you desire because you specify the criteria you want to target from the start. These ads are very targeted and you can track the analytics of how well it's working compared to a billboard where it's targeting a lot of people, but 60% of the people are probably not interested.

2. finding the right target audience for your business

Your target audience is often times overlooked by business owners who don't have any marketing experience. If you leave specifics out like age, demographics, interests, etc. you may be end up getting less leads than you hoped. That's why specifying your target audience in your ads is so important. If you don't know your audience, do a little research or ask family and friends what interests them about a specific topic. 

One target audience I always use is weddings for newly engaged couples. I target my ads towards couples who are between 21-38 both male and female and have specific interests in wedding planning and vendors they will be searching for. This is a very cut and dry audience, other audiences for example for real estate may be a little bit more tricky, but the same lesson applies. Bottom line, if you are unsure do some research and find out what people are commonly searching so you know exactly what to put for your ad.

3. Why different style of videos matter

There are so many different types of videos that could be beneficial for your business. Each one has a specific purpose, so using the right one to your advantage can increase the amount of people to your website.
1. Interview Style Video
The interview style video is exactly what it sounds like, it's a sit down interview with you - the owner - and you are talking about your business with additional action shots (or B-roll) placed on top. This is great if you are a highly established business and have things you want to say to show off your business in the best light possible. 
2. Motion Graphics Video 
This is the video that is shown above, it has text graphics with b-roll explaining what the business offers. This is great for any kind of business for social media because it's mute friendly and shows everything in a timely manner.
3. How-To/Educational Videos
These are known on YouTube if you are explaining specific topics for your business or just topics in general.
4. Testimonial Videos 
These videos establish credibility with your customers, having this be a part of your interview style video or just a stand alone is a great way for customers to trust your business.

Choosing the right kind of video for your business is crucial in having a good ROI (Return On Investment). This is important for all businesses because you don't want to lose more than you profit. For more information on the kinds of videos and what videos are best for your business contact me and let's get the right video for you to start attracting more leads! In the end, it's not about having a fancy video, it's about using the right strategies by being in front of the right people at the right time.

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